Preparing Your Tween for Solo Travel

Operation Bay Area to Bainbridge Island was a success!  We recently used the Unaccompanied Minor Service with Delta Airlines to get our daughter up to Seattle area and back by herself so she could visit her friend that moved there during the pandemic and explore the beautiful Puget Sound area.  

Wanting to give your growing child some life skills and build their independence?  

Check out some of our tips and what to expect here:

  • Look up airline rules on Unaccompanied Minor service and talk through your questions with agent.  You can book on Delta Airlines through an agent over text or over the phone, but you cannot book online.  Be sure to have all the contact information of the adults involved with dropping off and picking up your child ready. 
  • Coordinate timing with the adult who will be meeting your child at the gate.  They will need to check in at the ticketing counter and will be issued a gate pass.  They are expected to wait until the gates are closed and the flight has taken off.  They need to be able to verify the information on the reservation to the ticket counter agent.  Make sure they have proper ID.
  • Arrive early, at least 2 hours ahead of flight, for the drop off at the gate and the pick-up time.  The check in agent will provide, a wrist band, an envelope with boarding pass for the child and a security checkpoint clearance for the adult.  Give yourself time for a bathroom break, and to get snacks/water.
  • During un/boarding process, your child will be the first one to enter and the last one to de board at the arrival gate.  The attendant/s will take good care of them from start to finish. 
  • Pack light with carry on suitcase and small backpack.  Purchase a passport necklace where your child can hold important documents.  We recommend Greenlight Card, cash, passport and a card with Name, Address and Phone number of parents and the party designated to pick up your child. 

What to learn more about Bainbridge Island and her experience there?  

Check out in her own words, how it went! 

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