A Retreat Like No Other – Wilbur Hot Springs

It’s been over a decade now since I first experienced the magic of Wilbur Hot Springs.  I took this solo journey around one year after becoming a mother and I have been going back annually ever since.  What drew me to Wilbur was the opportunity to do a yoga retreat and the chance to relax from motherhood.  What I didn’t realize when I booked it, was that the magical, healing hot springs, vast nature preserve, locally sourced food, the ability to fully unplug coupled with daily yoga was that this place, the experience, the calm and grounding it provides is what makes it a retreat like no other, it transforms you.

Whether you are wanting to go to Wilbur Hot Springs for the healing waters and nature preserve or wanting to attend a Sarana Yoga weekend, it’s a unique destination, a sanctuary from the noise of life and a place that helps you sink into your physical and mental health and well-being. 

For those desiring yoga, a SARANA Yoga weekend provides for a deeply rich and meaningful experience.  It’s important to book early as her retreats fill up several months in advance.

Wilbur Hot Springs is an “off the beaten path” destination if you look at the plethora of yoga retreats being held at local yoga studios or spa experiences you can have in Sonoma or Napa.  Yet it is the journey to get there, a 2-and a half hour drive from the Bay Area, and once near, turning on a 3-mile dusty unpaved road that is part of the experience and what makes it all that much more special as you anticipate what is ahead. 

As you continue to drive into the property one is greeted by a sign that says, “Time to Slow Down.”  Because Wilbur is an off grid solar powered location, one has no choice but to heed that advice.  It is time to leave the addiction and grind of daily life behind. 

Check in is quite easy.  Friendly staff will provide a map and pertinent information for the weekend.  The rooms and cabins are minimal and comfortable.  The food is organic and locally sourced, or you can choose to share the kitchen facilities and make your own food. 

To learn more about Sarana Yoga offerings, you can check out her website for more details and the rhythm of her retreats: https://www.saranayoga.com/wilbur.html

However, to really learn about her and from her, you must meet her in person and Wilbur is the perfect place to do so.  I would be remised to leave out just how powerful her yoga, chanting and meditation teachings offer.  And moreover, to not mention what a genuinely amazing and skillful teacher she is to all her students.  When it comes to authenticity Sarana embodies her true nature of generosity, nurturer, and friend.  This is something you don’t want to miss out on!

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